About Me

I joined Google in 2007 after applying online and working at a Global Shipping Company. I stayed for 15 years because I believed in the company's mission + value and loved the people I worked with. Google's mission, To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful inspired my north star for helping others and creating community. I stayed at YouTube for a decade+ because I loved how it enriched other people's lives and brought joy. Giving others a voice and sharing their story fueled my personal and professional journey when Anti-Asian Hate sentiment rose in 2021. The rise in anti asian hate in the US fueled a passion inside me to embrace my Asian identity, advocate for my community and speak out against social injustice.  I found my voice and an inner strength after years of pushing it away. 

Underrepresented groups need more support and DEI champions.  It was one of my career highlights to co-found a grassroots AAPI Taskforce consisting of 60+ other YouTube employees with my friend Diny Chen. Together, we advocated for our community to make sure our voices were heard and we had a seat at the table. Together, we organized several creator community events, hosted many luminary AAPI creators at YouTube (Bing Chen, Gorick Ng, Connie Chung Joe,  Jason Y Lee, Dave Lu, Alan Chikin Chow, Jonathan Gaurano, Karen X Cheng) and fought for systemic change internally. 

As much as companies talk about the importance of DEI, there isn't much emphasis or support internally and externally. After working with our top creators for a decade, I realize I want to scale the lessons I've learned and build alongside them. We need a more diverse demographic of creators, advertisers and entrepreneurs.  

Whether you're a new creator starting out, a small or big business owner, or someone who wants to collaborate and find ways to build something in the creator economy, please reach out and find time.


1:1 Consulting / Strategy


AAPI / Diversity & Inclusion